Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blogging until the END.

Is it really the end of the world as the Mayans predicted? Its 21st of December here at my end and yes I am still alive YAY! What if this is really true? Have you done something good lately? 
So before the end of the world (if this really is real) I want to share this LOTD with you. lol! 
Would also like to thank all of the wonderful creators, viewers and friends! Thank you for everything :)

What I am wearing (top to bottom)

Hair: (red)Mint Hair(Mesh) No.07 NEW!!! ☜
Skin:*JeSyLiLO* Exclusive Frost Fair ☜
Shape: <3
Top: Ines Creations Top Delicious Black NEW!!! ☜
Shorts: [ѕpoiled. вrat] Women stuff hunt 
Leggings: League  Folklore Leggings
Boots: League Dhara Boots [MESH]
Pose: SabPose (out soon)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Summer Christmas

Christmas in summer-like weather ;) Seems like I will be spending christmas in a very hot steamy weather this year. So no Jackets for me or even socks lol! Loving this sexy and comfy outfit today perfect for this kind of weather! A Very special thanks to AVALE for my gorgeous outfit, my beautiful Skin from English Muffin Store and my sexy barefeet from RAVEN!  Here is my LOTD Hope you guys like xoxo!

What I am wearing (from head to bottom)

Hair: Exile Beyond The Waves NEW!
Skin: English Muffin Store Dorayaki Creme
Shape: <3
Skirt; AVALE
Barefeet: RAVEN
Pose: SabPoses

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello Lovelies! I woke up so early today as I am excited to post this cute LOTD today, and going to shop for christmas hehe! TSG has a new group gift! Its very cute and the make up is really nice with a heart print on the cheeks, also comes with teeth! Grab this cutie for only 300L membership fee, worth every penny if you ask me :P I think this skin is looks gorgeous with my relaxed outfit today,
and here ya go:

What I am wearing (from top to bottom)

Hair: !lamb The big doll house
Skin: TSG Marina (paid group gift)
Top: Tee*fy Basic Tucked Tank Glasses
Necklace & Ring: Yummy Winter flower 
Pants: The Secret Store  Rise Skinny Jeans 
Shoes: Tee*fy Oleander Pointed Flats
Pose: SabPoses

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Wow.. so far I have made past 10 posts already lol. I don't know why I am doing this but I am having so much fun! Taking photos of what I wear everyday and sharing my style or ideas :) I think its great!
Thank you to the talented creators who sent me stuff to blog! So yeah I will be sharing again today and tomorrow and the next day and so on. Anyway, I got this gorgeous skin from Oyeah! My sexy slim pants from wonderful Ines Creations and my friggin' awesome shoes from Diktator. I think it goes well with my hair and my cute shirt.
Here is my LOTD enjoy guys!

What I am wearing (from top to bottom)

Hair: Magika Quote
Skin: Oyeah Aubrey Skin ☜
Shape: <3
Top: Kyoot Portland Tee
Pants: Ines Creations Slim washed denim ☜
Shoes: Diktator Envy ☜
Pose: SabPoses ☜

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Oplan Gawad Kalinga" (Give Care)

"Typhoon Pablo [Bopha] cut across southern Philippines island of Mindanao from Dec. 4 to 7 - the strongest  tropical cyclone to hit the region for more than 80 years, making landfall as a Category 5 super typhoon with winds of 160 mph (260 km/h) prompting President Aquino to declare a State of National Calamity.

Days after Bopha obliterated the southern Philippines, the civil defense office in Manila said 647 corpses had been recovered. A total of 780 people are still missing, including about 150 fishermen from General Santos, the country's tuna capital, who had put to sea before Bopha hit.  At least 5.4 million victims were affected by the typhoon.

The damage inflicted was so severe and had left desperate survivors without the means to feed their families.  Villages were wipe out, nearly 200,000 people were left homeless, barefoot, shirtless and wearing torn trousers, these desperate survivors walked for days in a vain search of food and shelter through a muddy wasteland. Until now, the situation is so bad that typhoon victims begs for food and water along the street in some provinces.

My Friend and Pravda Core (PRAVDA Dark Couture) and her Partner Asiah Genira (Mezurashii) Conducted a collection in SLthat will be directly donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We are asking our friends and contacts to please help us raise money for the Filipino residents that were victimized by Typhoon Pablo [ Bopha].

Christmas is the time of giving, Please take a moment and help make a difference to those who are in desperate need of food, water and other relief supplies to give them strength and fulfill their Christmas wishes.

Anyone out there who is reading, may this touch your heart and share this to others so we can help our brothers and sisters in Philippines.

Donations will be accepted via a kiosk at the locations below.  You can also donate directly at the Red Cross Philippines website link below.  

click to teleport:

Creators who are participating in the charity:

2. a la Mode Team 
3. P4NDOR4 Quintessa 
4. Christel Morane 
5. Hera Aviatik 
5. Sensuous Maximus 
6.  Eleanora Newell 

CNN news:

Before & After:

Typhoon victims begs for food and water:

Death Toll rises:

Survivor tales:

Every penny counts, Help us save lives. Donate now..
Thank you and Happy Christmas.


Hair: Exile Beret NEW!
Skin: Essences Amelie Group Gift (free)
Shape: <3
Jacket: Celoe rossi jacket
Pants Celoe dade slacks
Shoes Maitreya Gold Liaison 
Pose: SabPoses
PRAVDA (Oplan Kalinga Donation Token)
(pin & baller band)

Beautiful Nightmare

"Grotesque." That word said it all. 
This best describes the skin I am wearing by [MC] Mystic Canvass.
Simply a work of art executed in this style.
It is my first time to actually wear a skin from this amazing creator. 
She has an eye for both strange and at the same time beautiful creations.
The skin is perfect for my dark mood and outfit today :P
I don't want to keep you waiting so here is my LOTD

What I am wearing (top to bottom)

Hair: Wasabi Pills Valerie Mesh Hair
Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass AJ (Revolution)
Shape: <3
Corsette: Etchaflesh
Pants: Dirty Mind Larkin Leather Leggings 
Pose: SabPoses

Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Baby

"Santa baby, I'm filling my stocking with a duplex, and checks
Sign your 'X' on the line
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight."

Hope you guys know the tune lol! This song is like my last song syndrome.
Its like when you are trying to get some sleep and you cannot sleep because that song playing constantly in your head and you cannot help but singing the damn song! 
Speaking of Christmas, Have you made your christmas wish/shopping list yet?
 I have made some. giggles! 
Would you like to know? Will you grant my wishes? Let see.. hmmm
I will name a few so whoever is generous enough to give I will give you a big giant wet kiss haha! 
"All I want for christmas is a size C boobies" haha! (maybe a mesh ones)
Special thanks to Moyaz for my lovely boots and (red)Mint for my awesome sexy skirt and thongs ;)

Anyway too much blah.. Here is my LOTD y'all! xx

What I am wearing (top to bottom)

Hair: (fd) Michelle Tea
Skin: Metaphoria Lyde Skin Fair ☜
Shape: <3
Top: AMD Say it Tops (NY)
Skirt: (red)Mint LowRise miniSkirt  ☜
Boots: Moyaz Amsterdam mesh Boots ☜
Pose: SabPoses